University Units

(based in
Chios , Chios )

The University Unit of Chios is located in the city of Chios . It consists of the School of Business Studies , which is comprised of the Departments of: Business Administration, Shipping, Trade & Transport and Financial & Management Engineering. It also includes the Administration of the School and the Departments, the Library of the School (Branch of the Central University Library) and Student Residences.

The University Unit of Chios is housed in buildings which either were donated to the University by the local society of Chios or are rented by the University. Most of these buildings are of particular architectural interest and value and their facilities cover for the needs of the School of Business Studies . The student residences are located in the coast, 5 kilometres away from the city centre; they are of 6 new buildings with 179 one-bed rooms.

Nowadays, the city of Chios , homeland of many ship owners, is the administrative, economic and intellectual centre of the island of Chios and the capital of Prefecture of Chios . It has population of 30,000, with increasing tendencies.

Archaeological findings show that the history of Chios is long and dates back to 6000 B.C. The Byzantine Castle , the Genoa palaces, the Korais library, the Naval Museum , the Neoclassical buildings are testimonies of the rich history of the city and the island. The Homeric Intellectual Centre, the Municipal Art Gallery and the Municipal Regional Theatre of the Northern Aegean Sea are poles of intense cultural activities. At the same time, the beautiful beaches, the Municipal Garden , the busy harbour, the vivid taverns and the Plain with orchards compose the interesting and attractive setting of a lively islander city.

The city of Chios is connected both by air and by ship (with conventional and high speed ferries) with Piraeus , Thessaloniki and Kavala, as much as with other islands of the Aegean Sea (i.e. Lesvos , Samos , the Dodecanese islands).

The island of Chios is 824 square kilometres long and has a population of 53,408. The rich history of the island is impressed on the unique architectural variety of medieval monuments, which have remained intact through centuries. It is a bright green, fertile island, full of orange groves and mastic-trees, with rich wild nature, majestic mountains and interesting caverns. Very beautiful beaches, traditional settlements and interesting customs make up the picture of an attractive Aegean island.