University Units

(based in Rhodes, Rhodes )

The University Unit of Rhodes hosts the School of Humanities consisting of the Departments of: Primary Education, Sciences of Pre-school Education & Educational Design and Mediterranean Studies. It also has administrative support staff, the University Library (Branch of the Central University Library).

The School of Humanities is housed in two big two-storied buildings (the one is the former School of Constabulary and the other is the former Kazarma Reggina), which have classrooms, laboratories, libraries and instructors' offices, while a new building is rented so the School is operated smoothly.

The city of Rhodes is one of the richest cities in Greece ; it has natural and structured beauty, history, culture and many happenings and activities take place. It is located in the northern part of the island of Rhodes and is the capital of the Prefecture the Dodecanese . The medieval division of the city, with an impressive fortress wall, preserves unchangeable its medieval character and has been recognised as one of the Monuments of World Cultural Heritage. Today, it is a living piece of the modern city, in which commercial, tourist and recreational activities occur, while it also has populated areas.

In the modern division of the city the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a modern tourist resort dominates. This part of the city has imposing public buildings, wide and comfortable streets with rows of trees, parks, beaches and a rich and busy commercial centre.

The island of Rhodes , with 1,398 square kilometers in extent, is the biggest island of the Dodecanese , on which more than 100,000 inhabitants reside. The mild climate, the deep blue sea and its amazing beaches, with the comforts of modern life, make Rhodes one from the most cosmopolitan and tourist developed destinations in Greece . A mountain range, like backbone, crosses along the island, with its tallest peaks being the mountains: Attavyros (1,215 m. high), Artamytis (850 m. high), and Prophet Ilia [: Elija] (800 m. high). Small, bright green ans smooth plateaus, picturesque creeks, traditional villages and the unique valley of butterflies compose the beautiful and interesting environment of the island.

Rhodes is connected with Athens , Thessaloniki , Heraklion (on the island of Crete ) and other islands of the Aegean Sea by air. It is also connected with Piraeus , Thessaloniki , the rest of the Dodecanese and other Aegean islands by sea.