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The Quality Culture Project arose directly from the European University Association’s first action plan, which was approved by the EUA Council in Dubrovnik (September 2001).  The issue of internal quality was presented as a central priority to both the development of individual institutions and the European Higher Education Area.

The European Commission decided to fund this project as part of the “Accompanying Measures” in the Socrates Programme in 2002-03 (Round I), 2003-04 (Round II) and 2005-06 (Round III). It was agreed that this project would be open to all higher education institutions in Europe, i.e., Socrates and non-Socrates countries universities and other types of higher education institutions.  

The Quality Culture Project involves several phases which have been designed to build a dynamic process and to enable participants to reflect on key aspects of their current situation and to develop an action plan. Through co-operation in small networks focused on specific themes, universities are expected to identify good practices to enhance quality in their thematic area.

The Quality Culture Project – Round III  is grouped into six thematic networks: Research Strategy and Industrial Partnerships, Leadership, Implementing Bologna Reforms, Teaching and Learning: Implementing Learning Outcomes, Women in Universities: Research, Teaching and Leadership, Programme Evaluations: Joint Degrees. .Each network contains HEIs of different age, size, geographic location and experience in the network theme. Each network is lead by a coordinating institution with good experience in the network theme, which is in charge of structuring the discussion and organizing the network meetings.


Teaching and Learning: Implementing Learning Outcomes is the thematic area of the Network 4 of the Quality Culture Project- Round III. The participating institutions are: University of the Aegean (coordinator), National University of Ireland Cork, South Eastern European University, University of Camerino, The University of Hradec Králové, Université de Liège, Vyrtautas Magnus University, University College Winchester.

The main objectives of the network  are:

  • to foster the development of internal quality in European HEIs through good practice reports related to the implementation of learning outcomes.

  • to contribute to developing and improving institutional quality culture in the related thematic area

Learning outcomes are increasingly important for HEIs as a means to design student-centred and competence-based curricula and to evaluate them. The network focuses on the identification and implementation of learning outcomes in curricula and how these can be used to improve the learning experience of students. Special interest is given to the integration of learning outcomes and ECTS.


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